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This page is for the trials and tribulations of what its like to transition to the civilian world and how its not all its cracked up to be.

Education process sucks

August 23 2017

Ok so I hope someone read my previous post, because I am back at it again.  This time Im here to tell you how not user friendly some of these schools make it for vets. 

Now I am not going to throw shade at any particular school, but I am going to say that I will be attending Miami-Dade College. With that said let me teeeellll you!!

I applied online, easy enough, right? right. I sent in my transcripts from previous school, of course immediately its accepted and you are now a student at the school, woohoo! Well no, then after they take 50 million years to review your transcripts, you also have to apply for financial aid, which was made difficult, because I have to be a resident even though I already am! Well then they want my high school diploma.... FOR WHAT?? I ALREADY HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE YOU WEIRDOS!! 

Alright so as a veteran you go online to vonapp submit an application for benefits and then you have to go back to the school and do the same damn thing on paper, remember your DD214 copy 4 and your COE otherwise you'll have to come back. Next step is go  see the Advisor so they do a MAP for your degree of which I did, and the person just decided not to input it soooo my attendance couldn't be verified and so I can't get paid. This process sounds pretty easy, yea no. I didn't mention the multiple trips to the campus, because someone claims they can't do something, and the long waits because there is only one Veterans Counselor and she wants to take long ass breaks in between the entire two Vets waiting to be seen, or they make you run in circles to transfer you from one person to another wait 2 hours for them to say oh I'm so sorry I'm not the person you need to see!!!

So, basically when you are deciding to go to school expect the worst and to be given the run around and have people act like we are the first ones. Expect lazy people not to do their jobs. Im not saying this is all schools, but I can attest to at least 4! same problem. Prepare before going, have everything accessible that one could possibly ask for, and maybe you'll save some of your life time in the process.


Let me introduce the "Gunny"​

August 19, 2017

So I am here thinking of other ways I can make use of my time, like I don't already have very little of it and i thought to myself, hmmmm why don't I start a stupid ass blog!!  So here I am. I am starting it because you know what after serving this country for so long and now being a civilian , we get out being a bit lost in the sauce.  Now by no means am I saying I have all the answers, nor do I know everything, but sure d wish we were prepped a little better. I definitely could use the advice of ANYBODY at this point.  

 Now let me start by saying if you are reading this and you are going to attack my grammar and or punctuation, please spare yourself the embarrassment, I DONT CARE.  Im simply blogging about the dumb ass shit I go through all the time. I am writing the way I speak. 

My Name is Janice, I was or am (once a Marine always a Marine right?) 15 years in the Marine Corps and I was medically separated as a Gunnery Sergeant of Marines for being crazy! lol ok no I wasn't but I was medically separated and I am very bitter actually about it but besides the point right now.  During My years in the Corps I was PFC, and LCpl Aponte, then I was Cpl Flo, Sgt Flo And then SSgt Flo, of which somehow I became Gunnery Sergeant Breton.  Now in case you can't tell by my name and all the pink shit all over my site, I am female.  I wasn't always happy when I woke up everyday to go to work, or to PT the fat bodies, or to go in because somebody screwed up a damn logbook or maybe a damn took went missing, but I did it day in and day out and I was almost there to retire.  So now you know a little smidget about me. As I progress with my blogs you'll see all the bs I have to deal with and Ill enlighten you on some of the previous bs I have experienced and when I get useful information that should be passed on to those Vets that perhaps they didn't know or maybe I come across something that may be of use to someone I shall post. Or maybe just maybe I can help somebody out who knows. First thing I have to do is figure out how to work this darn thing and get people to read it. 


The struggle of a Veteran Owned business

August 30, 2017

First and foremost I want to say happy birthday Ms. Jacquie! i don't know if she will read this or not but she is my friend because the good ol' Corps brought us together.  I think of her often and I truly hope today and all the days it was an amazing day.

Ok so today I said I would write a blog about "IF"  but after the nonsense that I had to go through today, I think that perhaps I better do my due diligence and spare someone else the headache. As  most anyone that knows me knows that I recently opened up a small salon. This was not in my plans ever but somehow here I am. Well after considering a million variables I said I would rent out a place with two chairs and a place for me to do lashes. I found a place and thought it was perfect until I had a fight with the non-existent partner, of which I never recommend anyone to do. Just have the business your damn self unless your not the one putting in any money. Lets just say I have lost over $15k and yes that may not be a lot to some but dammit I've worked way to hard so to me its like a bajillion dollars.  

Ok so I moved to a smaller place after the break up and too many things were going wrong. I had no control of the front door being unlocked for walk in traffic, the promised marketing was not marketed, I had no washer and dryer as promised as part of my lease and when they did they put the coin ones! There were issues with the roof leaking on my darn clients! I had an ant infestation in my suite for no reason of which was also not taken care of. Ok so things were not super and my rent is $400 a week which isn't horrible BUT, it is when the people you're trying to market to cannot get in and you have no way of unlocking it.

I told the property manager that I will be vacating and have decided not to stay.  Ive remained paying the weekly rent. I let them know I was not sure yet when but that as soon as I knew I would tell them.  They told me the fee to break my lease was $1500 ok fine no problem, but I have not moved yet. I was still taking clients and paying my rent.  Well I went today to pack up more items and for some reason I can't unlock the door.  I keep trying until Finally I called the building manager. She said yes we changed the locks and you cannot have your things until you pay the $1500.  I almost lost all damn patience!! General Public PLEASE BE AWARE HOW YOU DO SHIT TO OTHERS YOU NEVER KNOW WHO HAS PTSD AND WILL GO APE SHIT ON YOUR BEHIND! I said why the hell did you lock me out, the answer was "because you started packing items so I assumed that you were done and didn't want you to run off. OK great I can understand to a certain extent, but its simple its called communication! Do it and we could have avoided it. So since they refused to open the door, we opened it the up north hood way.  I had to take all of my stuff out and just bounce.  

Here is the thing, one I am a Veteran my integrity was questioned for no reason and my things were taken without a heads up.  The people of Florida for those who are interested in having a business here one day, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.  The rental system here is broken and as Veterans we need to be more watchful and educate yourself in the process.  I know what is allowed and what is not. When I am faced with stupidity, because I know I will. its good to know your stuff or be well informed. You will be screwed whether you have a good lease or a shitty lease.  Read all the fine print have someone else look at any documents you will be signing. If they think they can get you they will!


Hurricane Irma in Miami

October 9, 2010

Hello to all my non-existent readers of the world.  I know none of you missed me because I suck at asking people to read my shit.  I know not everyone cares but oh well, its not going to stop me. Ive been jotting down things I actually want to write about and then I didn't.  Just a quick blurb about Hurricane Irma who is now long gone, prayers to the Florida Keys that were destroyed.  I went through this storm, not really the first one, we've been through typhoons and a small hurricane in New Orleans.  I was active duty then and you know what we are so stinking privileged.  So this time around I spent it as a civilian and since I lived literally on the beach Miami beach was mandated to evacuate.  I did and headed over to my high school friends house on the other side.  We recorded some interesting times and I know I won't and she probably won't either, forget our crazy experience, losing  power, cooking in the storm, sweating, playing cards, no cell phone service we were forced to socialize! Imagine that! we found another place with power, we were told last minute to leave after we got comfortable, we hiked with all our belongings and pets. We moved again and this time all of us trapped in a room with pets and all, we hear someone screaming for help, the alarm goes off at like 1am for 2 hours. It was pretty, entertaining. Not a dull moment. Now that its over we can laugh and say we did that together.  Those are the moments that you don't get to experience as active duty and I will say I was fortunate enough to have done so.  The next topic will be on Hurricane Maria. My poor island, my poor people out there. Of course Mother nature won't just let us be this year so Hurricane Nate is on the way towards Louisiana. 


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